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Do You want to document Your cool trip? I, Ulf Sahlström, have rich experience in motorcycle adventures and captures the spirit and highlights of any journey, both in vivid video and exciting writing.

I like to ride. Any oppurtunity to have an adventure is tempting. But adventures cost money and until I win the lottery that sets the limit to how often, how far and how long I can travel. Like for most people.

I have a talent (and it is not that I'm a talented rider), and that is to capture the spirit, the highlights, the mood and the good stuff from any adventure. I have a way with words (though I mostly write in Swedish) and I have a good artistic eye for bringing out the best of the raw material I bring home on video. The edited result is as catching as any regular cinema production, but then I also use professional tools.

If you have a spectacular event you want to record for history or for commercial purposes, I can do it for you. The condition is that I get a better price than regular customers (preferably free), but the deal obviously needs to be determined for every specific occasion.

Last updated 2007-09-16: "Sample page" now has plenty of examples of both video and written stuff. Last addition is "Til Topps" from Norway.

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